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attorney Brad Lund

Attorney Brad Lund

Thank you for visiting Lund Law Office! I am a licensed attorney across thee states, and nearly two decades; assisting hundreds of people but have recently closed my doors to private practice. I still help attorneys as a consultant, or assist with limited aspects of their cases, and mentor those who ask.

What Areas of the Law Can I Contribute?

I have been fortunate to build a solid network of colleagues and friends to help me along the way. I aim to share my knowledge to other legal professionals as I pursue other interests. My latest legal rabbit hole is watching how the law is adapting to emergent technologies such as AI and blockchain. I've also enjoyed delving into the new possibilities for businesses and states, in the wake of Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association which held that enforcement under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act violated the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and opens doors for legalized gambling in a myriad of ways. Those are examples of why I love the ability to pursue and get involved with legal issues that are of personal interest to me, while helping businesses and clients along the way.

Here are some areas of the law that I can contribute to, with direct legal experience: