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Brad Lund

"I am grateful for knowing all the amazing clients, counsel and judges during my time as a private practitioner."

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Thank you for taking the time to explore this website. Choosing the right attorney or consultant often boils down to comfort and trust.

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Legal Background

Luther College gave me an excellent start ahead of law school in understanding the law, our political system and how to read all those boring congressional records. Law School was its own beast and I still love a good research challenge. Private practice forced me to specialize in an array of topics in spurts. My first exposure to practicing law was with a specialized firm in Boulder, CO that focused on Real Estate. When I launched my private practice, I took on criminal cases, divorces, bankruptcy, estate planning, contract disputes, personal injury cases and a few administrative law cases.

People and outcomes were my focus, and I recognize and influence (where I can) the variables that drive a case towards amicable resolution, or contested litigation.

Technology Background

I was one of the first attorneys to build a website in the late 90s. Early machine code wasn't that intimidating. I first coded BASIC in the 80s as a kid, Pascal in high School, C in college. I then learned HTML, then JAVA, then CSS, like most of us in the early internet days, through self study. My hobbies pushed me towards understanding Linux and building databases in SQL and Excel.

I've since learned both Python and Javascript for personal applications and used script for my law practice in tracking marketing efforts and client data. I even learned how to scrape a few public court document websites.

I delved into blockchain and its underlying technology in the late 2000s, understand crypto asset 'white papers' and the approriate use cases for using Blockchain over more common centralized database structures.

My Physics degree required enough math courses for me to get a minor, and I use it for understanding and building algorithims.

Creative Pursuits and Family

I am lucky to be very happily married with lots of amazing children. I also pursue Music, Acting and still play a roleplaying game now and then with old friends.